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Same great product. Exciting new name.

The team at Cleverex is excited to share that we have combined "myHeadStart" and "myCAP" into Cleverex GoEngage (or just "GoEngage" for short!).

After 25 years of working closely with Head Start and Community Action programs, we've decided on a new name that honors the important work our users do—engage with families, engage with communities.

If you're already an GoEngage (myHeadStart/myCAP) user, log in at

Everything you need to know about the transition.

What's changing:

  • the URL you use to log in

  • the name you see on your invoice

What's NOT changing:

  • everything else, including:

    • your account

    • your system

    • our pricing

You'll still enjoy the exact same myHeadStart/myCAP experience as you do today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is myHeadStart/myCAP changing their name to GoEngage?

We’ve grown a lot since we first launched myHeadStart/myCAP in 2016. We decided it's time for a fresh name that reflects our commitment to all our users and their goals.

Was myHeadStart/myCAP sold to another company?

Nope! GoEngage (previously myHeadStart/myCAP) has always been owned, designed, and created by Cleverex Systems. This includes earlier versions of the product, like HSFIS and PROMIS.

Will there be any changes to my account or system?

No. Nothing is changing except our name and URL. You do not need to notify any departments or sign any new agreements.

Will the name on my invoices change?

Yes. You will start seeing “CLEVEREX GOENGAGE" on your invoice.

How will this change affect our pre-applications?

This change will not affect your program's pre-applications.

(previously myHeadStart/myCAP)

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