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  • I have alot of enrollments to enter and I find that useing the tab, space bar and the first letter of what I need from the drop down boxes really shortens the time for me. I usually can enter the enrollment packet in about or less than 10 minutes. I love that I can take all these short cuts. has saved me a lot of time! Ruby M.
  • I have been using software from the Beginning. I used Hsfis v3.0 then moved to I am very happy that has PIR build into it. When I was using Hsfis v3.0 I had to run reports just to verify the numbers for the PIR questions. has it build in & you can run it ever month to verify the numbers. Now when it's ready to upload it the PIR Website all the questions to PIR reflect what we are doing to help our families & funding source. That’s why is the best route to go if you want correct data. Jesse Z.
  • Hello, I work for Visiting Nurse Service of NY/Early Head Start Program. And we were in desperated need of another training. Finally, we recieved training from one of Cleverex's great trainers. Yvonne Bellamy was our Cleverex trainer. She was a blessing. She answered all of the questions we needed and she helped us to understand what we were not doing. We're so happy to have this training. Thanks so much! Laron J.
  • has been very helpful and interesting in accessing the information I needed to stay on top. To make sure the kids are updated on all medical services that are provided. This is my first time using and I have really enjoyed this application. I am still learning but it has been very helpful to me. Troshia M.
  • I like - very strong software for tracking child, family and staff data. The Team always listens and responds to make the system user friendly and to upgrade for necessary information. Jonathan R., in Arkansas
  • Hi Support Team, I just spoke with M. S., our Health/Nutrition Coordinator. She is sooooo very happy about the USDA capabilities of It is saving so many of our staff time and effort!! Our cooks no longer need to add up columns of hard to read, handwritten numbers. It also saves time for Madi and our Financial Coordinator. In the past, they had to add up columns of numbers to double check addition. Now the computer does it all accurately! Thanks so much! Lynn H.
  • I just wanted to pass along the results of our recent Federal Review. We came through with flying colors. The reviewers noted among our many strengths, our use of and the ways it manages the information we need to fulfill our mission. I'm grateful to our data entry staff for their diligence and hard work, but I'm also grateful to and the support they give us for our success. Karl G., in New Mexico
  • Hi Support Team, I just have to tell you that my staff are very happy with the alerts in I just implemented that feature last week and everyone is delighted. Lynn H.
  • I have been working in for about two months. I had no idea how much of a powerhouse the system is. I cannot wait to go back and put everything to good use. Wonderful [2010 National] conference! Jena M.
  • Our agency's history with began in the days of HSFIS as a pilot. When was developed and offered,we went with it. The support has been outstanding. This includes listening to clients using the system regarding what additional features/capabilities they would like in the software. Clients see those recommendations implemented in updates released. This is one of the greatest benefits of working with the staff at is a great software for client data tracking.The staff are always professional,knowledgable and reslove any issue that may arise.Thank you everyone at Jon R.
  • You are aware that Charles R. Drew, currently operating as Community Development Institute (CDI) previously utilized the ChildPlus Data Management System. However, we made a conscientious decision to switch to the System due to its superior data structure and business process logic. We also chose to use due to excellent recommendations we had received from other Head Start programs in regards to's Training and Technical Support Team. Not only have the recommendations been true, but for the past few years we have been extremely pleased with your courteous business approach, and the effectiveness of trainings and technical support that we have received. We are impressed with's understanding on complex Head Start issues e.g. 1- PIR, 2- ERSEA, 3- EPSDT, etc. We really appreciate the fact that automates processes that were previously done manually, such as the Alert System, PIR Generation, Prioritization, etc. Also, upon utilizing the System, we have verified its cost effectiveness. Darries G.
  • [Comments from a recent Workshop] Sudhir is of the utmost professionalism with just the right amount of humor and business thrown in the mix. He is very knowledgeable about and always quick to help find solutions. One of the most important things about Sudhir and one of the things that is VITAL to excellent customer service is that he takes the time to LISTEN and he does not try to talk over me. Sudhir is gracious and he knows his "stuff". Bonnie B., in Washington
  • I really like the PIR capabilities in FAs can review their own PIR information and easily make changes or corrections to the specific screens using the EI [detail child information for each PIR question] and the NIC [children missed in the PIR] features. This feature is very helpful for our program with 10 centers and 14 Family Advocates entering information and provides us with important monitoring information. L.H., in Oregon
  • I wanted you to know that of 10/27 we have generated individual PIRs for each of our Centers (27) and one each for the Director and Assistant Director of Head Start/Early Head Start here at (name withheld) in (city withheld). And they love it; the Site Managers are now being trained on how to use the NIC #’s [children missed in the PIR count]. I have to share this with you, on Friday, 11/14 I received a call from one of our Site Managers and she stated that they were told that they needed to track all information that would be needed to complete the PIR before April. She was looking for a report; I remind her that she could use the PIR [in] to get everything she needed. So, again I walked her through the steps and she just started screaming and got so excited about how great this will be. We are happy! Ida S., in Texas
  • Always good to hear from you, everyone is still talking about what a great workshop [] put together for us. Ida S., in Texas
  • Wow! You guys just keep the changes coming. Keep up the good work. Jerome N., in Pennsylvania
  • We are a very large Grantee Operated Program in San Diego, CA and our agency invested in and implemented the online system a couple of years ago and by doing so has allowed our organization to intregrate and streamline many of our Head Start processes for better efficiency and effectiveness. The investment in resulted in our agency achieving a compelling Return On Investment (ROI) by improved decision making, improved client satisfaction and improved productivity. I highly recommend Frank Z.
  • RCMA is using for many areas, which include attendance tracking, immunization tracking and tracking services to families. We have made leaps and bounds in the area of tracking staff training and education. In the near future we plan on using to track our DCF requirements for maintaining our license. We like because it helps basically have one-stop tracking, our real challenge is ensurirng we have a good training plan for basic computer skills. We used HSFIS in the past and we love because of using the Web vice having to send downloads or access via a network. Ed D.
  • Functionality and appearance are outstanding. Nice job! Anonymous
  • solves a whole lot of deployment and data collection problems...! Anonymous
  • Great Work. So far I have arrived at the conclusion that this is the right way to deploy an application. Anonymous
  • is really cool...excellent work. Mike J., in New York

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Our fresh take on integrated data capture and compliance assurance technology makes quality and compliance easy for everyone, from family service workers to coordinators to directors.

Head Start and CAP is the only data system built specifically for Head Start and Community Action agencies. We’re the #1 one-stop shop decision-support information system in the nation.

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User Support

To help our users with a great experience using our software, we provide live help desk support and several forms of training workshops.

Help Desk

Users can call our live help desk support from 8:00am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday by telephone (1-800-473-4780). Our all-star help desk support team will talk to you over the phone. Additionally, users can email our help desk at 24-7. Support ticket can also be entered in our software. All support tickets will be documented, updated with progress, and reviewed by the user real time.

Training Services

There are three types of MyHeadStart training workshops we are offering to Head Start agencies:

  • In-House Training: These training workshops are hosted at our office in Reston, Virginia, 15 minutes from the Washington Dulles International Airport and 30 minutes from downtown Washington DC. Cleverex Systems, Inc.
    1801 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 500
    Reston, Virginia 20191
    You can login to our support site to register for any of our in-house trainings.
  • Regional Workshops: We regularly conduct training workshops at a number of different locations across the country. Login to our support site to register for any of the available regional workshops near your agency.
  • On-Site Training or Consultation: A Head Start agency can request a MyHeadStart training workshop be conducted at the agency’s location. This type of workshop is tailored to the agency’s requirements. The agency will pay for the trainer’s travel expenses. If you need to get a large number of users trained, the on-site workshops can be very cost effective. Contact us for details.

Additionally, once becoming a MyHeadStart user agency, you will be able to access our on-line mini training series. These series typically focus on one topic and last 10 minutes to an hour.

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